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Revigraf Officine Grafiche is specialized in overhaul, recondition and maintenance of second-hand bookbinding machines of a different trademarks, such as Muller Martini, MBO, OMG, kolbus, palamides, Stahl, Bonelli, etc.

Revigraf Officine Grafiche takes a particular attention to the whole overhauling process, considering and planning precisely which interventions should be done and using always high-quality spare parts and accessories. Moreover, the perfect knowledge of machines and the great experience the technicians has acquired in these years, allow to get a machine in great condition, able to compete with new machines; Revigraf Officine Grafiche offers this machines to its customers as "second-hand bargain" with very interesting price.

Thank to its qualified technicians and collaborators, it is able to quickly answer to technician service requests (mechanical, electrical and electronic) with a fast and reliable service at customers' premises. Revigraf Officine Grafiche can count on an inner workshop so that it is easy to deal quickly with requests of spare parts. The assistance by phone , acts a very important role as well: technicians can understand the problem and often also solve it by phone, and so they can reduce the time the customer can't work and his costs; this service is really important for those customers who would like to have a piece of advice about how to set the machine for particular jobs.

In the last years, Revigraf Officine Grafiche formed a partnership with several companies, increasing the range of products it can offer to customers: studying customized solutions able to satisfy the customer requests and to reduce or even eliminate the need of externalization, it guarantees to customer a considerable time and money saving. The customer now have the whole production process under control. Two examples are the palamides deliveries and the creasing systems of Tech-ni-fold, which allow Revigraf Officine Grafiche to combine a high-quality overhauled second-hand machine with a new and innovative product, surely interesting for customers.

Revigraf Officine Grafiche aim to consolidate the relationship with "old" customers and to attract the new ones: for this reason it studies attentively needs and requirements of each customer and then develops a particular customized offer.

The idea is to look to future and innovation, always improving the production standards, reducing the costs and increasing the profits; at the same time it is important not to forget practicality and solidity of old machines, that are still strong points in the bookbinding field.