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Tech-ni-fold is in the forefront in the creasing systems field, since it has developed innovative solutions able to solve the problem of fiber cracking forever; it still goes on improving its products, keeping pace with the evolution of bookbinding machines and putting on the market even more high-level products that match the customers' requests of realizing almost perfect products.
The cracking fiber problem is now an old memory.
The Tech-ni-fold technology is based on in-depth studies that have shown that "spreading out" the fiber solves definitively the problem; the other systems, on the contrary, only flatten the fiber.
Here is the list of the Tech-ni-fold systems available; for each model you can find several different versions with different diameter size, knifes and rubber inserts , able to fit particular machine models.

Fast Fit
Thought to fit folding machines, it can be regulated quickly thanks to open inserts and code system based on colours.

Depliant Fast Fit

It is available for folding machine and allow to obtain a flat and almost invisible micro perforation.

Depliant Microperforator

Multi tool Microperf & Cut
Thought to obtain micro perforations and cuts on a folding machine with one system only; you can combine different options as you want, such as double micro perforations, double cuts or close micro perforation and cut.

Multi tool Combo
This is the most complete system that Tech-ni-fold offers: with the Multi tool Combo it is possible to obtain creasing, micro perforation and cut, setting the tools and installing easily knifes and rubber insert, depending on the job you have to do.

Depliant Multi tool Combo

Spine Creaser
It is installed on the coverfeeder of saddle stitchers: easy and quick installation and setting with perfect end products.

Depliant Spiner Creaser

Quad Creaser
Thought to be installed on binding machines, allow to obtain close creasings, fixed or at an adjustable distance, depending on the model.

Spine & Hinge Creaser
Ideal tool for perfect pound book covers, folders, capacity wallets, or any product that requires multiple creasing: now you can apply up to four deep creases with a perfect result.

Depliant Spine & Hinge Creaser