We are a chemical industry in the production and commerce of industrial glues and adhesives. We have been an expert partner in the provision of innovative and high-performance products since 1960.
Innovative formulation: technologically advanced but respectful of the environment.
Highly performing in their usage: tested in the most advanced production plants, they guarantee high adhesion and productive speed.
We combine the tradition of handcrafted knowledge and the commitment to research and development thanks to highly-qualified technical staff. In our laboratories we formulate and update continually so as to adhere to international legislative and market needs.
We work closely with our clients: our wide range of products is offered by our technical and commercial staff evaluating the best application solution and supplying assisting directly to the operators in the production plants.
Thanks to our accumulated experience we can satisfy the needs of various sectors, including: furniture, food packaging, flexible industrial packaging, paper and cardboard industry, bookbinding and labelling.