For twenty years Palamides has been the leader among producers of automatic delivery systems for folders, saddle stitchers and finishing lines. The great experience in the packaging sector and the constantly updated technology have led to the development of over more performing and innovative products. Palamides automatic deliveries allow to achieve greater productivity at low personnel costs: by automatizing the production process, in fact, the need for manpower for each machine is reduced, while timing and results are optimized. Easily adjustable, palamides automatic deliveries offer a wide range of functions to meet customer needs. They can be easily installed behind folders or saddle stitchers, in a short time and without any problem, even for small runs; we must not forget the excellent versatility of these deliveries, which can also be used with digital printing or mailing machines, or in any case where high-speed deliveries are required to optimize the production process.


With gamma pro’s automatic delivery, you can rely on a greater productivity at lower personnel costs. Sturdy and easy-to-handle stacks ensure reliable products to downstream finishing machines. The gamma-pro is a mobile delivery with a small footprint that can be easily set up on folding machines, saddle stitchers, gathering machines, mailers, etc.

Depliant Gamma


Automated delivery system that applies a band to finished products, blocking them in stacks of different heights, ready to be collected and packed for the next stage of processing or delivery. Thanks to the electronic impulse welding system, the trouble-free sealing of the band is quick and reliable and with more than 600 packs per hour per product steam, it allows to quickly complete long and complex processes. Even with 2-up or 3-up production, only one operator is required to manage the products flow and to complete the task.

Depliant Delta

Alpha Plus

It is an automatic delivery conceived for processing folded brochures and signatures and improved thanks to the great experience of palamides starting from the modality of the already existing stack outputs. The palamides alpha plus collects and stacks the finished products and the neatly jogged stacks are delivered to a buffer table at an ergonomic height, from which they are then removed by the operator with great ease.

Depliant Alpha


Automated delivery system that applies a band to finished products: it is the previous model to the delta model, with different technical characteristics and formats. It is no longer in production but it is sold only as quality guaranteed second-hand.

Depliant Ba


It is an automatic delivery that allows for time and money saving thanks to an automatic stacker with bumpers, that is able to stack any type of sheet.

Pharma 704

It is an automatic delivery specially conceived and developed for the pharmaceutical industry.


Thanks to the new smartflat technology, Palamides Smartliner 240 allows to produce book and photobooks that, once opened and peeled, remain perfectly opened on the pages of interest without the book slowly closing on itself. This technology is especially implemented in the realization of cooking books, atlas, sheet music and photobooks.