Tech-ni-fold is at the forefront of the creasing systems sector, by having developed innovative solutions capable of resolving the problem of fiber breakage once and for all; nowadays it still continues improving its products, keeping up with the times and the evolutions of bookbinding machinery and by putting on the market more and more performing products that meet the needs of customers, more and more eager to provide perfect products from every point of view. The fibre breaking problem and the consequent cracking are now a distant memory. Tech-ni-fold technology is based on in-depth studies that have revealed that "stretching" the fibers solves the problem once and for all, unlike all other creasing machines which, on the other hand, simply flatten them. Here is the list of all Tech-ni-fold systems; for each model different versions are available with different shaft diameters, blades and rubber inserts, in order to be installed on precise machinery.

Fast Fit

Ideated for folding machines, it has very fast adjustment range, thanks to split creasing ribs and their colour-coding.

Depliant Fast Fit 1 Depliant Fast Fit 2 Depliant Fast Fit 3 Depliant Fast Fit 4


To be installed on folding machines, it enables you to produce a flat, almost invisible micro-perforation.

Depliant Microperforator 1 Depliant Microperforator

Multi tool (Microperf & Cut)

Conceived for folding machines, it enables you to obtain micro-perfs and cuts with a single instrument, by setting the different options including, for example, double micro-perforation, double cut, close proximity micro-perforating and cutting.

Depliant Multitool

Multi tool Combo

This is the most complete system offered by Tech-ni-fold: the Multi tool Combo enables you to obtain creases, micro-perforations and cuts by regulating the different components and by easily installing the cutting knives and the creasing ribs which are required for your task.

Depliant Multitool Combo

Spine Creaser

It is usually installed on cover feeders: installation and regulation are, also in this case, extremely fast and the results are perfect.

Depliant Spine Creaser Depliant Spine Creaser Horizon Mark 3

Quad Creaser

Conceived to be used on perfect binding machines, it enables you to obtain close proximity creases, fixed or at variable distance depending on the model.

Spine & Hinge Creaser

Ideal system for perfect bound book covers, folding covers, capacious folders and any other product that requires multiple creases: now you can make up to 4 creases with a perfect result.

Depliant Spine & Hinge Creaser Depliant Spine & Hinge Creaser 1