Since 1966 OCHSNER + CO has been designing and producing machines for the graphics industry. Their world-renowned gilding machines refine your printed products and turn them into something special. The robust design of their machines is a proof of high quality. With around 15 employees, OCHSNER + CO realizes the dream of a long-lasting and easy-to-use machine.

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Automatic gilding machine type GA

The automatic gilding machine is built for small and big amount of books. The type GA is the standard machine and designed for gilding and silvering as well as for coloring with a flexo printing unit. The longer machine type GA-L is also produced for gilding and silvering but can be ordered additionally with an embossing unit or two flexo printing units. The gilding and coloring procedure is equal in both types of machines. The short changeover time eases the change to a new book size.

Semi-automatic gilding machine

The gilding machine type M+B is a semi-automatic machine which we recommend for medium number of books. The transport cart with the clamp can be moved from the belt sanding machine type B into the gilding machine type M. There is no need of carrying the books. The silicone roller can be preheated and is fitted with a programmable timer.

Rounding and gilding machine type EA

This machine rounds and gilds books’ corners (corners ONLY). It is possible to load a stack of books into the machine and just press the ground switch to begin the cycle. At this point the machine will automatically mill, sand and gild the corners.

In line Rounding Machine

Suitable for all types of products (books, paperback covers, etc.), the inline rounder is a fully automatic machine, which produces more precise corners than those obtained by the slower two-headed machines.

Index printing machine

The printing unit is a real machine and can hold the speed of 5 indexing machines. The machine takes a book with some clamps and opens it, while it moves into the printing section. The book is leveled before the pad printing unit prints the whole book at once. Once the printing is complete, the book is automatically transferred to the stacker. The machine is operated by an operator. The printing quality is as good as the buffer. With an additional investment for an exposure unit and a drying machine, it is possible to make the printing cliché by yourself.

Index cutting machine type IS

With this machine you can cut many different index styles. All machine details are displayed on a screen. With a hand wheel you can program the needed position for every axle without a computer (teaching). The working table with the book is fix but the knife moves from cut to cut.